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Pebble Beach
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Sunset on the Coast


Fiona Jacob

Certified Master Transformative Coach, Coaching Supervisor, CEO. 

My greatest passion is to be an uncompromising stand for people’s greatness, waking people up to who they really are, no matter what they are up against in life right now or what has happened in our past. I believe that everyone has natural wellbeing that allows us to access and experience peace of mind, creativity and freedom, a boundless, joy-filled life with experiences of aliveness, clarity and wisdom.  


I facilitate explorations with Leaders, Coaches and Healthcare Professionals to create insight and transformation, unlock their greatness, access their innate, limitless potential and help them show up fully to the world as their truest self in every moment. 


My educational background includes an MBA, a Masters in Coaching & Behaviour Change, Certified Master Transformative Coach and a Certificate in Professional Supervision. I am also an RGN with 20 years’ experience as a Nurse Director in hospitals internationally.  


I am proud to be of service as an International coach and Supervisor, human and fellow explorer for the last 11 years with humour, genuine curiosity and love.   

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